Dream it On


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"Dream it On" is a small release of songs by Peter J. Brant. Recorded in different parts of The United States while one version of life was uprooting, a new one was forming, and a loved one left the earth.


released May 1, 2020

Written by Peter J. Brant
Singing and Piano by Leah Hayes



all rights reserved


Track Name: Someone
Though she took her turn
a mountain to unlearn
a mouth brought to me
but I’m unsure how to sing

someone built this moat
someone built this scene
but I’m not so sure

people’s eyes poked out

and when to leave?
and when to leave?
Track Name: Leaf and then Stem
Leaf and then stem
and leaf again and stem again
I’m not confused about
my path
when I look at them

Lifted from some ailing place
grown continuity
She lifts her arm into an old shape
and tries to “be”
Light rearranging

word to my mouth
to speak
to see it so

word to my mouth
to meet
to drink

word to my mouth
to leave
to need you so

Like her
We set out to leave the house of old history
building something new
up and proud
with my new person

As we packed the van up
there wasn’t enough room

So, I gave her away

We’re going for a drive now
into the double grey
we can’t take everyone
so you guys have to stay
Track Name: If I Ever Find
If I ever find
that calm walk down the street
man, that kiss upon my cheek
that thing that seems to move me endlessly

Know what I do
I’d come find you
and tell you what I did
and maybe some smile would come upon your lips.

and when to leave?
You’re not too full.

What happened to my line
there’s no line to follow

Too full

Too… proud
pacing unlike anyone I’ve met before you

Too tall
My father

I’ve found no reason
There’s so much to give

There’s no time

And now my child comes
Even when one finds the pattern they move on
Track Name: Dream it On
Thinkin on thinkin rolled over end over end
Making something small into something big

Dream it on
Open up
It won’t be long now

Dream it on
Don’t close off
It won’t be long now

Melded hand
caught a foot
of a heartbeat
sounded off in the blue

Whaled along
way too long
but you know theres another way

done up
just enough

even as you
let me come around

let alone
I come undone
But you know theres another way

Dream it on
Open up
It won’t be long now

Dream it on
Don’t close off
It won’t be long now

Dream it on
Open up
It won’t be long now

Dream it on
Don’t close off
It won’t be long now

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